South Coast Women's Hockey League: Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations
(As amended at SCWHL AGM June 27, 2017)


Unless the context otherwise requires, the terms herein shall have the same meanings as those defined in the Constitution and the By-Laws. The following Rules and Regulations shall govern the play and activities of all Associations, teams and players, registered from time to time with the SCWHL.

General Information

1.00 Team registrations, new team applications, team colours, and ice times must be in the hands of the president by August 31. Any Team registrations or applications received after this date shall be accepted at the discretion of the executive directors.

1.01 All ice times shall be subject to the approval of the President. Early morning or late evening times may not be acceptable. The approved hours for starting league, exhibition, and playoff games are as follows:

- Monday through Friday 7:00pm to 9:00pm
- Saturday and Sunday 9:00am to 9:00pm

All games will have scheduled ice times of no less than one hour and thirty minutes. All teams must forward a list of available home dates to the president by July 31. (Note: ice slots outside these regulations which have been in use prior to the 2016-17 season are exempt from this regulation).

1.02 All new teams and/or Local Associations must try to avoid duplicating the colours and names of existing teams and/or Local Associations. If duplication of colours cannot be avoided, it will be the responsibility of the home team to provide and wear alternate colours.


1.03 All teams must have a set of both "dark" and "light" jerseys. The only exception would be for teams that are new to SCWHL and participating in their first year.

1.04 Notwithstanding 1.02 and 1.03, as a rule the home team shall wear their "dark" jerseys whereas the visiting team shall wear their "light" jerseys, unless agreed to by both teams.

1.05 The regular season playing schedule should be in effect as soon after registration as the President deems possible and completed in time to allow for league playoffs and provincial, regional and national Championships.

1.06 No games shall be scheduled between Dec. 20 and Jan. 2 unless mutually agreed by the teams involved.

1.07 Each team will provide a $500 bond to SCWHL at the beginning of the season (prior to the first league game) which will be returned to the team at the end of the season (prior to April 30) net of any fines incurred during the season.

1.08 Any team wishing to reschedule any regular season or playoff game must receive the approval of the League President AND its scheduled opponent not less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the game in question. Games may be rescheduled only if:

(a)Both teams agree on another date on which to play the game, pending approval from the League President; or

(b) Both teams agree to reschedule, without setting another date, whereupon the responsibility to reschedule the game shall fall upon the team requesting the postponement. Should the teams thereafter fail to agree upon a date, the League President shall select a date from options provided by one or both teams. All rescheduled games must be played prior to the end of the season.

(c) A visiting team postponing a game that is not rescheduled shall be subject to a fine equal to the cost of the ice and officials to the home team.

(d) A home team postponing a game that is not rescheduled shall be assessed a fine of $250.

(e) Any team that is unable to provide seventy-two (72) hours notice of inability to field a roster for a League game, shall be responsible for the payment of the referees for the original game.

(f) In the event of a re-scheduled game, the team responsible for the re-scheduling is free to source ice wherever they are able, but the home team for the original game remains the home team for the re-scheduled game regardless of the location of the re-scheduled game.

(g) Teams may not declare a forfeit. Any team failing to show for any regular season or playoff game shall be assessed a $250 fine and may face further discipline, including suspension, at the discretion of the Executive.

1.09 No overtime shall be played in any scheduled regular season game and points for the games shall be two (2) for a win and one (1) for a tie.

1.10 Regular season games shall be as follows:
Senior AA/A Two periods of fifteen (15) minutes stop time in length, followed by a third period of 20 minutes. If there is not enough time to play 20 minutes of stop time in the third period (i.e. injury, rink problem, etc) the referee may shorten the third period to ensure stop time is used. Every effort must be made to realize a 20-minute third period. This is the only process that will be used for SCFAHL league games and will be the case regardless of where in the province the game is being played.

1.11 Intermission between periods shall be 90 seconds, to be timed by the timekeeper.

1.12 Timekeepers to be in the box with the scoresheet (signed by both teams) PRIOR to the start of the warmup, and set the game-clock to five minutes (5:00). The warmup shall begin promptly when the scheduled ice time begins (i.e. - warmup clock starts at 7:15 p.m. when a game is scheduled for 7:15 p.m.), regardless of whether officials or teams are on the ice.

A warning buzzer (2-3 short rings of the buzzer) shall sound with one minute remaining in the warmup. This is when teams should be collecting pucks, and preparing to start the game. No extended discussion at the benches shall be permitted.

Referee/lines fees MUST be in the time box prior to the start of the game. (Fines may be assessed to teams failing to follow this procedure)

1.13 All games will be played by stop-time. No running-time will be applied.

1.14 All Home teams are responsible for the payment of their referee fees for each game, regardless of whether there are extraordinary events including power outages, duplication of ice bookings and any other expected events.


Players and Teams

2.00 The SCWHL shall operate female hockey divisions. The playing divisions may include, but are not limited to Senior AAA, Senior AA, and Senior A teams.

2.01 Teams
(i) For the purposes of SCWHL membership a team is a registered playing group of not less than twelve (12) players, one of which must be a goalie. To be eligible for SCWHL playoffs teams must meet roster requirements as set out by the BC Hockey and Hockey Canada.

(ii) Players must be 18 years and older to be rostered on Senior AA/A teams, and 17 years-old to affiliate with a Senior AA/A team. Teams may request to roster 17 year-old players who do not have a Female Midget AAA/Midget A team in their home community. This would be subject to the approval of the President.

(iii) As per Hockey Canada regulations, a minimum of six (6) players will be in attendance and ready to participate from each team at the scheduled game time for a game to commence. Otherwise, section 1.08 (c, d, e & f)) will apply.

(iv) No player shall participate in a regular season or playoff game with a league team without the team having first registered the player with BC Hockey.

(v) All teams must submit a copy of their BC Hockey Female Membership roster to the league prior to the first league game, and whenever the roster has changed by addition or deletion of players. Teams will also submit a final roster on February 10, regardless of whether the roster has changed since the first submission.

(vi) As all teams are carded, they must complete their HCR roster in an approved manner by SCWHL league games and will be the case regardless of where in the province the game is being played.and BC Hockey prior to their first league game. All additional players (cards) must be duly rostered and approved before such player may participate in a game. Teams are restricted to the use of a maximum of 25 player cards over the course of a season. These cards are not transferable.

(vii) All teams and Associations shall keep SCWHL informed of names, addresses, telephone numbers and facsimile number of the designated Team or Association contact.

(viii) In order for a team to participate in a regular season or playoff game they must be considered in good standing as defined in the By-Laws.

(ix) When a team becomes a member of the SCWHL it shall, subject to the provision of the By-Laws, receive a copy of the "SCWHL CONSTITUTION, BY-LAWS, RULES AND REGULATIONS".

(x) New Team - Four Player Rule
New teams entering the South Coast Female Hockey League (SCFAHL) may not roster or affiliate more than four (4) players that were rostered within SCFAHL the previous season. Players that try out for their original team and were subsequently cut, are not included in the four player limitation. This limitation only applies in the first year of the new team's participation in SCFAHL. Any player who resides within 30 km of the home rink of the new team, but was rostered on an existing team which is not located within 30 km of the player's residence, may join the team and be exempt from the four-player rule. This applies to players who change residences during or following the previous season, but prior to August 31 of the season in which the new team begins play.

2.02 Affiliated Players
Affiliation is covered by Hockey Canada regulation 35A which reads:

"A player of a team of a lower division or category of the same club, or of an affiliated team, or a specialty affiliated player, may affiliate to a team or teams of higher divisions at any time, to a maximum of ten games. However, if the player's registered team completes its regular season and playoffs before the player's affiliated team or teams, the player may thereafter affiliate an unlimited number of games.' Players on a Female carded team can only affiliate to one team
SCWHL teams may affiliate from Senior Recreation, Juvenile and Midget teams. Midget aged players must be 17 years old (3rd year).

2.03 Team Officials and Score Sheets
(a) The person(s) acting as team officials shall sign the Official Score Sheet before the start of any regular season, playoff or exhibition game and shall be deemed to be the officials in charge of the team during the time the team is in the arena (from arrival to departure).

(b) Team managers or coaches of the home team shall prepare four (4) copies of the Official Score Sheet before the start of any regular season, playoff or exhibition game. At the conclusion of the game, the original copy of the score sheet shall be signed by the referees and shall be forwarded by the home team to the League President within 7 days. If the referee takes the first copy of the scoresheet, the home team shall forward the second copy to the League President. The home team shall, within 24 hours, or by 8:00 p.m. Sunday, scan and email a copy of the game sheet to the League President and Webmaster.

(c) All affiliated players must be designated on the score sheet with "AP" beside the player's name.

(d) Failure to forward a copy of the game sheet as outlined in section 2.03 (b) will incur a $25 fine.

(e) Failure by a team to forward a copy of the scoresheet to the League President within seven days shall result in suspension and/or other disciplinary action to the team official responsible.

Referees and Officials

3.00 Referees and Officials
(a) The home team shall be responsible for paying the officials. The officials shall be paid at current SCWHL rates as determined at the SCFAHL General Meeting held in June of each year. As of June 25, 2017, the rates will be as follows:

Senior AA/A (3 person) - $55 / $40 / $40. An additional $10 premium be included for all games which last two hours or onger ($65/$50/$50). 

If only two referees officiate the game, each official will be paid $55 each.

(b) The home team shall supply a timekeeper and a scorekeeper (which may be the same person) and a game shall be played if one referee and a scorekeeper are available. If only one referee is available for a game, he/she will be paid $55.

(c) In the event the regularly scheduled officials are unable to attend to officiate a game, members are referred to sections 41(K) and (L) of the Hockey Canada Official Hockey Rules, which read as follows:

(i) If for whatever reason, the Referee or linesmen appointed are prevented from appearing, the Managers or Coaches of the two competing teams shall agree on a Referee and one or two Linesmen. If they are unable to agree, they shall appoint a player from each team who shall act as officials.

(ii) "f the regularly appointed officials appear during the progress of the game, they shall replace the temporary game officials immediately.

(d) The Referee-in-Chief shall make every effort to obtain neutral referees for all Playoff games.


Releases and Protests

4.00 Release of Players
(a) A player who has been refused a release by a team or Local Association of which she is a member may appeal to the Executive to convene an investigative hearing at which both the player and the defendant team and/or Local Association shall have the right to be represented andheard. Representation shall be limited to one official of the team or Local Association and one person on behalf of the player concerned. The findings of the Executive shall be communicated to BC Hockey, whose decision shall be final and binding on both parties.


(b) All players must obtain their Hockey Canada card or written release from the signing officials of their current team and provide it to the officials of their new team before thay can participate in practice or game of any kind with the new team. This includes players leaving a non-carded team to play for any other team within SCFAHL.

4.01 Protests
(a) Game protests must be in writing and must be submitted to the Secretary within 48 hours of the game in question. The protest must specify the SCWHL Rule or Regulation, BC Hockey-Female Hockey Playing rule, or Hockey Canada rule that has allegedly been broken.

(b) All protests must be accompanied by a one hundred dollar ($100.00) deposit. If the protest is upheld by the Executive, the deposit is returned to the sender; otherwise, the deposit becomes the property of the SCWHL.

(c) The Executive shall notify representatives from both teams involved by telephone within 48 hours of receiving the protest letter. The telephone call shall be followed by a letter from the Executive convening a hearing, if deemed necessary by the Executive

(d) Both teams involved in a protested game shall be given an opportunity to be present at the hearing.

(e) If a team declines the right of representation at the protest hearing the Executive shall be notified within 48 hours of receiving notice of the protest hearing date.

4.02 Complaints
(a) Complaints on any matter shall be submitted in writing to the President who will  determine its merits and the course of ction.         

Discipline and Suspensions

5.00 Discipline of Teams
(a) All team officials and/or players, as applicable, must answer to all written complaints filed with the SCWHL Executive for occurrences of the following:

(i) harassment of referees and/or game officials.

(ii) foul and abusive language on the player's bench.

(iii) foul and abusive language on the ice towards other players and/or game officials.

(iv) unusually high number of penalties being accumulated in games.

(v) destruction or defacing of dressing rooms, etc.

(vi) violation of arena rules and regulations regarding the use of drugs and the consumption of alcohol.

(b) If for any reason, the Executive feels that it is in the best interest of female hockey to order the expulsion of a team and/or Local Association, such expulsion must be dealt with at a general meeting of the Society (See By-Law Two).

5.01 Suspensions
(a) The Executive has the power to suspend any player or team/association official, or suspend and/or fine any team or Association up to a maximum of $500, for infraction of any of the Rules and Regulations, or for engaging in conduct deemed to be unacceptable and not in the best interest of the Society or its members, whether such conduct occurs on or off the ice.

In the case of an emergency the President can exercise the above rights for a period of up to 48 hours.

(b) A player accused of an offence shall have the right to appear and/or be represented at any disciplinary meeting of the Executive. This includes any discipline in excess of Hockey Canada minimum suspension guidelines.

(c) Any suspension not complete after the last game of the season shall carry forward to the player's next playing season. Neither exhibition games nor the time period between December 20 to January 2 shall be included when calculating the duration of a suspension incurred.

(d) All penalties shall be governed by the official rules published by the Hockey Canada and BC Hockey or as specifically varied by the SCWHL.

(e) Suspensions become effective immediately and it is the responsibility of each team?s official to ensure that the correct records of misconduct, game and gross misconduct, fighting and match penalties be kept. Players must serve their total game suspensions as required by SCWHL, BC Hockey, and Hockey Canada rules, whether or not notification is given by the Executive. The appropriate divisional co-ordinator must be notified by the home team officials, within 24 hours of all misconduct, fighting, abuse of officials and checking from behind penalties. In turn the remainder of the Executive, the
player/team concerned and all teams in that division will be notified of the suspensions to be served.

(f) Failure to serve the suspensions shall result in further disciplinary action at the discretion of the Executive.

(g) Suspensions will be served regardless of whether or not the penalty is written up by the officials or the game sheet received by the League President.

(h) Where a player of team official incurs penalties in a game resulting in more than one suspension, such suspensions shall be served consecutively, beginning with the suspension for the most serious penalty.

(i) When a player is assessed a penalty that results in an automatic game misconduct, a Hockey Canada suspensions under Rule 32 (c) shall be served concurrently with any additional suspensions issued under SCFAHL rules.

(j) If a player incurs a third major penalty within a 12-month period (to account for overlapping seasons), the player shall have an in-person meeting with the President – this will determine the length of the suspension.

League Play

6.00 Schedules for all league play shall be according to Section 1.01

6.01 Team Standings
At the end of the regular season or round robin playoff, a team's position in the standings shall be determined by the total number of points gained. In case of ties, the BC Hockey method of tiebreaking shall apply. As of August, 2011, the BC Hockey regulations are as follows:

(a) The result of the round robin game or games involving the tied teams will apply. If two (2) teams are tied, the winner of the round robin game between those two (2) tied teams will recieve the higher placing. If three (3) or more teams are tied, the team which has accumulated the most points in games against the tied teams will receive the highest placing, the team with the next most points in games against the tied teams will receive the next highest placing, and so on.

(b) If any teams are still tied after (a), then the team with the most wins will recieve the higher placing.

(c) If teams are still tied after (a) and (b) have been applied , then the team with the best goal against average will recieve the higher placing.The goal average of a team is to be determined by dividing the total number of goals for and against into the total number of goals for, with the team having the highest percentage will be awarded the higher position (i.e. goals for 10, goals against 4; percenetage is 10/14=.714)

(d If teams are still tied after (a),(b) and (c),the team to qualify would be the team that recieved the least minutes in penalties during league play.

(e) If teams are still tied after all previous methods have been applied, then the winner of the playoff position will be decided by the toss of a coin.

6.02 Time-Out
As per BC Hockey regulation 4.08, each team is entitled to one (1) sixty second time out during the course of a league, exhibition or playoff game.

6.04     Face-offs

After a penalty, the ensuing face-off shall be in the penalized team's defensive zone.