South Coast Women's Hockey League: Constitution & Bylaws

Constitution & Bylaws

(As amended on June 25, 2017)



WHEREAS the South Coast Female Amateur Hockey League is a voluntary League of members and individuals, designed to promote and foster female amateur hockey within the Lower Mainland;

AND WHEREAS members and individuals participating in the activities and games sponsored by the SCFAHL have confidence in the judgment of the Executive of the SCFAHL;

AND WHEREAS it is declared that one of the purposes of this Constitution, and the League’s By-laws, Regulations and Rules shall be to confer upon the SCFAHL and its Executive all of the powers of a fully self-governing organization;

NOW THEREFORE be it enacted:



1. This organization shall be called the South Coast Female Amateur Hockey League (“SCFAHL” or “League”).



2. The purposes of the SCFAHL:

(a) To provide competitive and enjoyable hockey to all registered in the SCFAHL;

(b) To secure the enforcement of the rules of the game as adopted by the SCFAHL;

(c) To emphasize and encourage the involvement of those volunteers who put the interests of the game ahead of their personal interests;

(d) To elevate the awareness of the responsibilities of the members in ensuring the game is played in a positive environment;

(e) To encourage and applaud a high standard of self-discipline and good sportsmanship on the part of everyone involved in female hockey;

(f) To assist members in their pursuit of excellence by sponsoring BCAHA and CHA programs and services through available resources;

(g) To monitor and review programs and services available to members in order to meet their ever changing needs;

(h) To present a common voice on behalf of the members in all discussions that could affect them at the Provincial or National level;

(i) To actively promote and support the development of female hockey.

(j) To actively promote and support equal access to female hockey teams, programs and services for all regardless of gender (non-players), sexual orientation, ethnic origin, racial origin or religion; and

(k) To assist members to obtain the necessary facilities.


Place of Operations

3. The operations of this League are carried out principally within the boundaries of the Lower Mainland district of BCAHA.



4. This League supports and governs competition by its members in female amateur hockey in female amateur hockey.



5. As an unalterable provision of this Constitution, the SCFAHL shall be affiliated with the Canadian Hockey Association and the British Columbia Amateur Hockey Association and shall operate in a manner consistent with the CHA and BCAHA Constitution, By-laws, Regulations and Rules.



6. Upon dissolution of the League and after payment of all debts and liabilities the remaining property of the League shall be distributed or disposed of to non-profit organizations within the area of operation of the League, whose objectives most nearly accord with those of the League, and that the members of the League shall not have any interest in the property or assets of the League upon the League ceasing to exist. This provision is unalterable.


Not for Profit

7. As an unalterable provision of this Constitution, the purpose of this League shall be not for profit.

Here set forth, in numbered clauses, are the By-Laws providing for the matters referred to in Section 6(1) of the Society Act and any other By-Laws.




In these By-Laws, unless the context otherwise requires:

“BCAHA” means the British Columbia Amateur Hockey Association, or BC Hockey;

“CHA” means Hockey Canada;

“Directors” means the directors of the Society for the time being;

“SCFAHL” or “Society” means the South Coast Female Amateur Hockey League;

“PCAHA” means the Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association;

“Registered address” of a member means the member’s address as recorded in the register of members;

“Society Act” means the Society Act of the Province of British Columbia from time to time in force and all amendments to it; and

”Term” means the time between an annual general meeting and the immediate next annual general meeting.

The definitions in the Society Act on the date these By-Laws become effective apply to these By-Laws. Words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa; and words importing a male person include a female person and a corporation.



1.01 The South Coast Female Amateur Hockey League shall be composed of the following:

(i) Amateur Female Hockey Teams and Associations

(ii) Persons currently serving as directors, and individuals of the Society (on teams within the society) willing to comply with and abide by all rules and regulations of the League.

1.02 Associate membership: There are no Associate memberships

All teams with Full membership with voting privileges per team. Each team Registered within SCFAHL will receive 1 vote, as per the Bylaws in Bylaw section 9 Voting.



2.00 Membership is maintained by registering with the Executive each season subject to SCFAHL By-Laws and regulations.

2.01 All new applications for membership shall be forwarded to the League’s Executive for consideration by the board of directors.

2.02 All games played by members and the qualifications of all persons competing in such games shall be in conformity with the Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and regulations of the League.

2.03 Any violation of the Constitution, By-Laws, Rules or Regulations of the SCFAHL or decisions of the Executive by any member of this League shall render such member liable to suspension and/or such disciplinary action that may be deemed necessary.

2.04 The membership year of the League shall commence on August 15th and end on August 14th of the following year.

2.05 Membership in the SCFAHL shall cease where,

a. The member delivers a resignation, in writing, to the President of the League or by mailing it to the address of the League, or

b. The member is expelled, or

c. The member has not been in good standing for twelve (12) consecutive months.

d. A member may be suspended or expelled for willful violation of the Constitution or By-Laws or for any other serious breach of Rules or Regulations.

e. A member may be expelled by a special resolution of the members passed at a General Meeting.

f. A notice of special resolution for expulsion shall be accompanied by a brief statement of the reason or reasons for the proposed expulsion.

g. The member who is the subject of the proposed resolution for expulsion shall be given an opportunity to be heard at the General Meeting before the special resolution is put to a vote.

h. All members are in good standing except a member who has failed to pay the current annual dues or any other subscription or debt due and owing by that member to the SCFAHL. A member is not in good standing until the period of suspension has been served.

2.06 After being admitted as a member of the League, each team is entitled to receive (prior to the start of the season), at least one (1) copy of the Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations.


3.01 The annual fee for members as outlines in By-Law One shall be determined annually by the executive. No team shall be entitled to enter competition within the SCFAHL until its fees have been paid.


The Executive – Duties and Powers

4.00 The Executive of the SCFAHL shall be: the President, Immediate Past President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Registrar and one Director at Large.

4.01 Executive positions shall be filled by the following procedures;

(i) The positions of President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Registrar and Director at Large and any other executive positions shall be filled through an election at the Annual General Meeting of the SCFAHL.


4.02 The President shall preside at all meetings of the Executive, Special or Annual Meetings of the League and shall generally perform the duties usual to the position of President. At the President’s discretion, meetings of the SCFAHL may be ordered. The President shall have the power to delegate those duties assigned to the President.


(a) conduct the correspondence of the League;

(b) have custody of all records and documents of the League except those required to be kept by the Treasurer; and

 cf) handle league discipline utilizing SCFAHL, BCAHA and HC rules as the base guideline for offences.


4.03 It shall be the duty of the President immediately after each Annual General Meeting to appoint an Appeal Committee, and any other committees to be formed at the discretion of the president and/or the executive.



4.04 The 1st Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President or in a situation where the President is in conflict of interest, have the power and perform all the duties of the President



4.05 The Treasurer shall:

(a) keep all financial records, including books of account; and

(b) render financial statements to the directors, members and others when required.


4.06 The President, at anytime, may take a vote by email (e-poll) of the Executive and may at any time call a meeting of the Executive, and shall call a meeting upon written request of two (2) members.

4.07 At Executive Meetings, a two-thirds majority shall constitute a quorum.

4.08 The Executive shall have the power to appoint a League member as an Executive member to fill a vacancy in the Executive. An Executive member so appointed holds the position only until the conclusion of the next following Annual General Meeting of the League but is eligible for re-election at the meeting.

4.09  Any member of the Executive who, by being remiss or neglectful of duty or by conduct impairs usefulness as a member of the Executive, may be removed forthwith from the position held by a two-thirds vote of the executive.

4.10 The Executive may suspend and/or take such disciplinary action that may be deemed necessary against any Association, team, Player, Official Scorer, Game Time Keeper, or Official of any Association or Team for refusing to accept or obey the ruling of the Executive; for proven foul play or for unfair or unsportsmanlike conduct individually or collectively at any place where a hockey game is being played under the jurisdiction of this League or at any meeting in the interest of the game; or, for persistent infringement of the rules of the game or rules of this League.

4.11 No member of the executive committee shall be eligible to vote on any financial request, protest, or suspension involving a team with which the member is associated, not be eligible to serve on any special committee investigating such matter.

4.12 At each annual general meeting, the executive shall put forward a list of volunteer positions for the following season. These positions must include, but are not limited to, the position of Referee-in-Chief..

Positions shall be filled by a vote of the membership. Following the annual general meeting, the executive may fill vacant positions by appointment.


Board of Directors

5.00 Each member team shall appoint a representative to the Board of Directors. Such appointments shall be in effect until changed by the member team. A representative must be a board member (if a team is registered as a society), player or team official with the member team. Executive members may also serve as a director.


Duties of the Board of Directors:

5.01 To grant or refuse applications for membership from new teams. (May be done by e-poll following discussion of application at an AGM).

5.02 To represent their team at all meetings of SCFAHL, and serve on committees as assigned by the president. A director may appoint a replacement for a meeting by notifying the president in advance, but must attend the majority of meetings each season. A director may also request another team member to serve on a committee to which the director was appointed.

5.03 To vote on behalf of their team at all meetings and e-polls of SCFAHL.


Committees-Duties and Powers

Appeal Committee

6.00 The Appeal Committee shall consist of a Chairman and a number of other members (which may include the immediate Past-President) to be appointed by the President.

6.01 No member of the Executive, other than the immediate Past-President (if applicable), shall be a member of the Appeal Committee.

6.02 The duties of the Appeal Committee shall be to hear appeals of decisions made by the Executive of the League as made under the Constitution and By-Laws.

6.03 The Appeal Committee may re-admit any Association, Team, Player, Official Scorer, Game Time Keeper, or Official of any Association or Team, or uphold or modify any decisions made by the Executive of the League as made under the Constitution and By-Laws.

6.04 Such appointments shall be subject to ratification by the Executive.


Appeal Procedure, The APPEAL Committee

7.00 Any Association, Team, Player, Official Scorer, Game Time Keeper, or any Official of an Association or Team may appeal any suspension or decision of the President of the League or the Executive of the League.

7.01 The Appeal under paragraph 6.00 of this By-Law shall be delivered to the President of the League within fourteen (14) days from the date of the notice advising of the suspension or decision.

7.02 Any Appeal to the Appeal Committee by the aggrieved party shall be in writing outlining all particulars pertaining to the case and shall be accompanied by either cash payment or a cheque for One hundred dollars ($100.00) payable to SCFAHL.

7.03 The Appeals Committee will only review a decision or hear an appeal under one of the following circumstances:

i. new evidence not used in the original hearing can be presented which may have an effect on the decision;

ii. an appeal may be filed on the grounds of irregularities in the proceedings of the original hearing that may have caused an unjust decision;

iii. an appeal may be filed on the grounds that the decision of the original hearing was too severe; or

iv. an appeal may be filed on the grounds that there is proof to establish that the decision of the original hearing was reached in an unjust manner.

7.04 The Appeals Committee shall deal with the appeal within twenty-one (21) days of its receipt, except with the specific consent of the appellant(s) in writing.

7.05 The Appeals Committee shall communicate its decision to the aggrieved party by telephone within forty-eight (48) hours of the hearing, to be followed by written notification post-marked within seven (7) days of the hearing.

7.06 If the appeal is dismissed the League shall retain the One hundred Dollars ($100). If the appeal is upheld or the suspension modified, the One hundred Dollars ($100) shall be returned.

7.07 When an Appeal Hearing is granted all the pertinent information supplied by the Referee, Linesmen and other game officials or Executive member shall, upon request, be made available to the suspended individual or agent in writing prior to the hearing.

7.08 When an appeal is filed there shall be no stay of any suspension imposed which is the subject of the appeal.





9.00 A member in good standing present at a meeting of members is entitled to vote as follows:

Each individual female team - 1 vote

9.01 The President shall only vote in the case of a tie.

9.02 The Immediate Past President shall not be entitled to vote.

9.03 Members of the Executive, excluding the President, shall be entitled to vote on all questions and shall be entitled to cast one (1) vote as Executive Members.

9.04 A delegate or Executive member may bear proxy and voting privileges for not more than three (3) Teams or Associations, but in no case shall delegate or Executive member have more than three (3) votes.

9.05 All questions pertaining to the Constitution and By-Laws shall be decided by a majority vote of not less than 75 per cent of the members voting.

9.06 All questions pertaining to the Rules and Regulations shall be decided by a majority vote, the President voting as per paragraph 9.01.

9.07 In the event that three (3) or more persons are nominated for any position with the SCFAHL, the successful candidate shall be required to poll at least fifty-one percent (51%) of the total votes cast. If necessary, this will be established by elimination voting whereby the nominee receiving the least votes shall be dropped successively until a nominee shall have the required votes.



10.00 The Annual General Meeting of the SCFAHL shall be held at the call of the President, during the month of April of each year. Special General Meetings may be called at the discretion of the President.

10.01 Notice of the Annual General Meeting and Special General Meetings shall be sent to all those qualified to attend, at least thirty (30) days prior to such meeting. Notice shall be given in writing and shall state the business to be brought before the meeting.

10.02 All proxy votes representing Teams and Associations shall be by a certificate appointment signed by the President or Secretary of such Teams or Associations.

10.03 At all General Meetings a quorum shall consist of not less than twenty-five (25%) of the voting members (excluding Executive) entitled to be present.


Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws

11.00 Any proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws must be submitted in the form of a Special Resolution and must be received by the President no later than twenty-one (21) days prior to the Annual General Meeting at which the Special Resolution is to be considered. The Special Resolution must be neatly typewritten, brief and submitted in duplicate. The President shall sign both copies and shall return the duplicate copy to the originator of the Special Resolution. The Special Resolution must bear the name, signature and Team or Association affiliation of the originator and two (2) seconders. Each seconder must have a different Team or Association affiliation from that of the originator and the other seconder.

11.01 Written notice of not less than fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting shall be given to all members in good standing, specifying the intention to propose amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws, and include a copy of the proposed Special resolution.

11.02 Any amendments or changes to the Constitution or By-Laws of the League made at the Annual General Meeting shall take effect immediately following the conclusion of such meeting.



12.00 In order to carry out the purposes of the Society, the directors may, on behalf of and in the name of the Society, raise or secure the payment or repayment of money in such manner as they decide, and in particular, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, by the issue of debentures.

12.01 No debenture shall be issued without the prior sanction of a special resolution.

12.02 The members may by special resolution restrict the borrowing powers of the directors, but a restriction so imposed expires at the next annual general meeting.


Inspection of Records and Books

13.00 Upon five (5) days written notice to the President of the League, the Records and Books of the League shall be made available for inspection to its members.



Official Rules of Order

14.00 Roberts Rules of Order are the Official rules of order covering all meetings of the League, except where they are at difference with the Constitution and By-Laws in which case the Constitution and By-Laws shall have precedent.